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We really do care..2 May 2017

We really do care..

A breast cancer diagnosis can bring confusion, information overload and distress.

We recently introduced chemo and breast care packs for patients and breast care nurse Ann Carrigy says:

“Knowing that there are people that care enough to anticipate their needs and are thoughtful enough to provide them with such a lovely gift has a big impact on a patient.”

The packs are funded by the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation and are beautifully packed and presented by committee members Maureen Iceton and Edith Malling.

They include Moo Goo cream and lip salve for dry skin and lips, a well-known side effect of chemotheraphy, along with a good-quality thermometer. A thermometer is imperative to a chemo patient’s wellbeing and this small gesture means that there is one less thing that they need to remember to buy.

“The packs are such a nice and welcoming touch that I can give to my patients, it shows them that they are not alone and that we really do care”, says Ann.