About SBCF

The vision of Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation is

"Beating Breast Cancer Together"

SBCF's mission is to improve the early detection of breast cancer and the quality of life & survival rates of breast cancer patients.


SBCF increases awareness of breast cancer by educating the community and encouraging women to be proactive in self-examination through the distribution of breast check shower cards. Early detection is vital to increasing survival rates.


SBCF provides support to breast care patients and their families through the provision of information, funding breast cancer nurses, as well as hardship funding, and much needed patient support programs within the wider community.


SBCF funds breast cancer research, including genomic research and fellowships. Cutting edge research such as the SBCF tissue bank enables targeted treatment which is one of the key drivers for the reduction of breast cancer mortality rates.


SBCF provides funding to the Breast Unit at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to help it to provide the best possible treatment and care for patients including funding training and state-of-the-art medical equipment, and wholistic patient programs in the Living Room. 

“It’s like a seismic event in their life..., yet they remain positive and demonstrate hope - I am inspired by my patients.”

Dr Sanjay Warrier
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The Team

Our foundation is a team of passionate individuals comprising 12 voluntary committee members and one full-time Fundraising Executive.


Lynne Crookes OAM

Lynne Crookes OAM President

Catherine West

Catherine West Vice-President

Renae Lopez

Renae Lopez Vice-President

A/Prof Jane Beith

A/Prof Jane Beith  

Dr Cindy Mak

Dr Cindy Mak Director of Breast Services

A/Prof Sanjay Warrier

A/Prof Sanjay Warrier  

Deborah West

Deborah West  

Anne West

Anne West  

A/Prof Richard West AM

A/Prof Richard West AM  

Lucy Vecchio

Lucy Vecchio  

Laura Durkan

Laura Durkan  


Angela Bishop

Angela Bishop Entertainment Reporter

Jessica Rowe

Jessica Rowe Journalist and Television Presenter

Todd Liubinskas

Todd Liubinskas Men's Health Fitness Director

Emma Markezic

Emma Markezic Columnist and comedian

It's never too early to start checking your breasts...