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Meet Nalini8 Jan 2019

Meet Nalini

Meet Nalini

Nalini is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, an Accredited Nutritionist, and a breast cancer survivor. She generously donates her hand-painted calico shopping bags to Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation to sell at their merchandise stalls.   

Nalini was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2015 after a regular mammogram that thankfully caught it quite early. She says this unexpected shocking experience changed her. “It changed me in the sense that I understood a different philosophy to life and living. My highly spiritual personality helped me to accept this sad experience positively. I realized that humans have a very short life-time on this Earth. Now I don't worry anymore over many little issues as before and for me now is the time to do what I always wanted to do".  She has since gone back to university and has enrolled in a PhD.

Nalini says her experience at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has been wonderful. “My oncology surgeon is Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier and I am also under the care of Professor Jane Beith. Everyone is just so caring. Lifehouse not only has excellent facilities but is so wonderfully different to other places.”

Nalini is a strong supporter of the holistic approach of Lifehouse to cancer care. She benefitted from reflexology at the LivingRoom. She has done yoga almost every day for the past 30 odd years and says yoga helped her deal positively with the tough times.

Nalini first began painting on calico bags to put gifts for guests at her daughter’s wedding. They were so popular that friends were asking her for more. She decided to put her talents to good use and donate the bags to Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can purchase one of Nalini’s hand-painted, environmentally friendly shopping bag for $10 from the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation merchandise stalls held regularly at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.  For more details, please contact us sbcf@lh.org.au.