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A pioneer in modern breast cancer surgery, Dr Krishna Clough visits Lifehouse2 May 2017

A pioneer in modern breast cancer surgery, Dr Krishna Clough visits Lifehouse

At the end of 2016, Dr Krishna Clough from the Paris Breast Centre spent two weeks at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, a visit which culminated in a entertaining and informative seminar and two-day workshop on breast surgery for breast and plastic surgeons.

Dr Clough was a pioneer in developing the concept of oncoplastic surgery which offers breast surgery patients the option of breast conservation and improves their cosmetic outcomes. The integration of plastic surgery techniques at the time of the cancer removal is one of the most innovative approaches in contemporary breast cancer surgery.

Up until the 1970s, most women with breast cancer were treated with a radical mastectomy which is a morbid and disfiguring surgery. In developed countries, the majority of patients will now experience preservation of their breasts through the use of a wide excision, or lumpectomy.

Dr Clough is a world-renowned surgical oncologist and plastic surgeon who specialises in all aspects of breast cancer and breast surgery.

He is notable in that he published the first papers on oncoplastic surgery techniques and results and has developed a classification of surgery techniques which have been adopted around the world for training. He founded the world-famous Paris Breast Centre.

The workshop included a live surgery component with three cases streamed live from theatres over two days. The event provided a welcome opportunity for Australian and New Zealand surgeons to discuss the difficult decision-making and revisional aspects of breast surgery.

Oncoplastic surgeons came away with valuable insights to inform better care and surgical techniques for their patients.